April 5, 2019

AC2T - Austrian Excellence Center for Tribology

AC2T visit Fast2Fibre workshop in Austria to start testing the fluids.         


The Austrian Center for Excellence in Tribology (AC2T) has started its scientific testing to ratify and confirm that the fluids used in the F2F copper core extraction method are the best they could possibly be for the variety of telecommunication and power cables that exist throughout the world.  The portfolio of current fluids was handed over for formal, scientific testing after an explanation of the process and practical demonstration on four different cable types.

The final results and comprehensive report is expected in 8 weeks confirming the current bio-degradable fluids are the best available for the different types of cable and varying environmental conditions that F2F operate it.


For those unaware – tribology is the science/study of friction, wear and lubrication of surfaces that are in physical contact.