Austrian R&D

Information on our Austrian facility.


Austrian R and D

Fast2Fibre has a dedicated testing, maintenance and logistic base near Eisenstadt, Austria. It is also our Research & Development facility where new techniques and ideas are developed using the full workshop facilities. This gives us the ability to test a client’s cable in a secure, controlled environment, allowing numerous physical parameters to be measured that will allow the correct blend of fluid/pressure/flow to be used for optimum extraction.

The site was chosen for this ability to test cable in a real-world scenarios, either up to 100m buried to a specific depth, attached vertically to the 20m silo simulating a building, mast or antenna or in a laboratory environment of a test bench. These tests stress the cable to ensure a realistic tolerance is left on any customer extractions without risk to the cable sheath being damaged. The remoteness of our R&D facility allows for extended hours working if timescales are tight with no impact on our neighbours.

Fast2Fibre’s location is close to the European autobahn/highway network and our logistic partner, who is based at Vienna International Airport. Shipping anywhere across the globe is therefore not a problem using sea, air or road transport.